Programmes And Events

Educational Grants and Scholarships

Every academic year, Central Aid offers financial support to brilliant but needy students in Secondary, Technical and Vocational institutions in Ghana. In the award of scholarships, Central Aid does not discriminate on account of gender, religion, ethnicity, disability or denomination.

Indeed, since the first intake of beneficiaries in the 1989/90 academic year, the bulk of scholarships awarded has gone to students with no connection whatsoever with the International Central Gospel Church.


Relief and Development

As and when the need arises, Central Aid provides relief and varied support services to communities affected by natural or manmade disasters, hazards or events that cause substantial loss or damage to life and property.


Social and Community Development

As part of the corporate social responsibility of ICGC, Central Aid executes development projects and other social intervention programmes in underprivileged communities to raise the standard of living of the people.

Additionally, ICGC assemblies carry out social projects within and outside the communities where they operate to promote and support the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical well-being of the people.



Central Aid organizes community awareness programmes to address challenges facing society.